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The Wet Spot Podcast Episode 7 – YEAR ZERO
The Wetspot Podcast Episode 6 – Halloween Zombie Voodoo Blood Curse 666 Hex
The Wet Spot Episode 5 – Science Bullies
Stupid Beach – The Wet Spot Episode 4 – Live From Shambhala for Cupcaking Awareness Month
Stupid Beach- The Wet Spot Episode 3 – Karma – Coz In Effect ft Bill Cosby
Stupid Beach- The Wet Spot episode 2 Frontier Social Justice
Stupid Beach -The Wet Spot Episode 1 – In The Interest Of Sensitivity
Noize FM – Future Mondays w/ Kyntaro Set – 05/11/15
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Billion Dollars on Moombahton Mondays
Noizekid on Moombahton Mondays
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Ricky Vaughn on Moombahton Mondays
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Noize FM – Kyntaro Bass Thursdays Set – 01/15/2015
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Noize FM – r3ntZ Podcast vol.1 (22.12.14)
Noize FM – Ashaaw VOL #1

Noize FM – Ashaaw VOL #1

Noize.fm | Step One – Zouk It Mix
Noize FM – Kyntaro’s Summer 2014 Promo Mix


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