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DateJuly 19, 2014

Start Time3:00 pm

End Time7:00 am

LocationKamloops, BC

From the people who brought you ‘Back to the Forest’….




(Gates open at 3pm to allow for camping setup)


KAMLOOPS @ THE HEMP HUT (253 4th Avenue)


***Please take the time to read the DJ Bio’s below the set times and familiarize yourself with the extreme caliber of talent being brought in for this event!!! Thank you!***

600 Bearpuncher
645 Tyler DeGenerate
730 Whiprek
815 Black-Out Artists
845 Aileron
915 Mode/Chrizpy/Tri-Bot(Beatbox/Dj.set)
1015 Snak The Ripper
1100 Jakeda & Fanatix
1230 Mark Instinct
200 Disco Dave
300 Bassface
400 Metaphoracle
500 Subclaim
600 Panda-Inc



With the Massive Success of our last show; ‘Back to the Forest’, Hosted at a New Venue on Private Land, we have decided to once again host a Dance Filled Evening of Epic Proportions: The (First Annual) IUG Jamboree!!!

As always with IUG Events, we are trying to one-up ourselves and bring in even more Well-Reputed & Infamous Talent to perform for our guests… We hope that those who are familiar with the artists playing at this event will have their jaws drop when they see who we have booked to perform!!!

Kamloops and the Interior of BC as a whole has always had a strong Hip-Hop Presence, and for this event we wanted to show some love by including some of the most influential & dedicated local groups in the show, as well as bringing in One Notorious Headliner in the BC Hip-Hop Scene to switch things up a bit…

Hence the term ‘Jamboree’, a Celebration and Meet of both Dance & Hip-Hop Fanatics. Dance Music often incorporates elements of Hip-Hop, with remixes of well-known tracks and also original hip-hop lyrics being played over Various Genres of Bass Music. For this Event, We have booked Djs who have a flair for incorporating Lyricists into their tracks, as well, We hope that by bringing some Live Hip-Hop into the mix we will attract some new faces and even more fans to our shows… Spread the word.

At IUG: Interior UnderGround, we aim to provide Epic, Unforgettable Dance Events, but while doing so our #1 Priority is ensuring a SAFE ATMOSPHERE for every one of our guests. Please be sure to read ALL OF THE INFO listed below if you wish to attend this event, we have rules in place, and if you break them, it will be the last time you attend one of our shows.

-See you on the Dancefloor

The location is about a 30 minute or so drive from Outside the Kamloops City Limits, in the general area of PRITCHARD, between Kamloops & Chase. We will announce the exact event location 48 hours before the event takes place (Thursday, July 17th), posting specific Step-by-Step Directions as well as a Google Maps Link. You can also send me (Sean Mayo) a request for directions prior to this, if you need for planning, and I will forward to you through Private Message.

As in past years, we’ll have Massive Staging and Sound.
Think 40,000 watts of Bass, Think elevated stages and dance platforms, Think Big Lasers and Projected Visuals with Video Mapping, just think general awesomeness all around.

We are looking for Food, Clothing & Art Vendors! Vendors pay no ‘Vendor Fee’ to attend but are expected to be self reliant in providing and staffing their own ‘storefront’. Please contact Sean Mayo through Private Message on Facebook for more information and to apply.

At IUG: Interior UnderGround, the Safety of our attendees is Number 1 on our priority list.
We aim to have the event recognized as Safe, Secure, Well Patrolled, Well Maintained and Organized Properly.
We have a Large Number of Professional Staff on hand trained in both Security and First Aid for every event, both guarding the entrance and patrolling the grounds of the event itself. Pay attention to these next few crucial points as if you miss them it may affect you direly:

Make no mistake, the local RCMP are aware of this event. They will definitley have a ROAD BLOCK at the entrance to the road that leads to this event. They are not stopping people from attending, they are simply looking for drivers already under the influence, so its simple: DONT START PARTYING UNTIL YOU’RE AT THE PARTY… Simple enough, right?
As well, you MUST plan to stay the night. The music goes from 6pm-7am, bring a tent and some sleeping gear and get yourself a good rest before heading home the following morning/afternoon. If you dont plan on staying the night and leaving before the morning has come, it is important you have a Designated Driver who can get you home safely!!!
Driving drunk not only endangers yourself, but also every passenger in your vehicle and anyone who you may cross paths with on the road. Anyone trying to leave the event while clearly intoxciated and under the influence behind the wheel will have their License Plate taken down and the RCMP called and informed. As hosts of this event, we are liable if you were to kill or injure somebody by leaving the event intoxicated, if you cant camp for the night or find yourself a DD, dont come! Its that simple.

If someone is Harrassing or Bothering you at all, you can brng it to the attention of any one of our Security Personnel, they will be highly visible wearing High-Vis reflective jackets. If you are the subject of a complaint about bothering someone you will be given a warning to stay away from them for the rest of the evening. if it happens again you’ll be removed from the site. You only get one warning!!!

No Warnings for Violence. If you are the kind of person who’s idea of fun is going out and picking fights, this is NOT the party for you. Leave your swaggering, aggressive ego at home, seriously. This party is all about good vibes, great music and awesome people.
Anyone being harassed or bothered can bring it to the attention of any one of our security or staff members at the stage or throughout the camp site, security and event volunteers are easily identified by their high-vis vests, any complaints will be dealt with immediately.
Our Security Team is hired from Bouncers straight out of the local clubs and bars, they know how to handle aggressive and violent people. If you start or are involved in a fight, we will not only break up the fight (forcefully if necessary) we will then drive you back into town where we will hand you over to the RCMP and have you CHARGED WITH ASSAULT. We don’t care about your personal beefs, or who offended you, or who hit on your GF, etc etc, if you cant be the bigger person and walk away or turn the other cheek or resolve it with words, if you choose to get violent with someone in ANY way for ANY reason at this show we will remove you from the event (again, by force if necessary) and hand you over to the RCMP. It’s that simple. You will also be publicly shamed on facebook and permanently banned from every future IUG event… Just don’t do it!!!

***RESPECT THE LAND – USE THE GARBAGE CANS, CLEAN UP YOUR SITE*** There will be Garbage Cans around the site at the dancefloor, please do your best to use the garbage can instead of throwing any garbage/drink cans etc onto the ground. When you pack up your camping area in the morning, please take any of your garbage with you, we will also be handing out Garbage Bags at the stage at 8am when the music stops if you need!!! There will be a team staying behind to clean all of the garbage after the show, just please do your best to use the garbage cans so we dont have to spend any longer than necessary cleaning! Thank you!

WEATHER: This event is happening 100% whether the forecast calls for rain or shine on the day of. In the event that there is rain forecast the day of the show, we will have special outdoor overhead canopies brought in and placed over the dance floor, usually used at weddings in case of rain. We will have two of these 40’x40′ Hexagonal canopies creating a massive covered dancing space and keeping you out of the rain while still having full view of the stage and effects.
Lets all cross our fingers and knock-on-wood and hope for good weather on the day of the show, the Weather Gods have always smiled on us in the past!

TEMPERATURE: Although average daytime temperatures in the Kamloops Almanac Vary from 20-30 degrees Celsius on this date, it is very important that you realize the temperature drops significantly at night, all the way down to 5-10 Degrees Celsius.
It is very important that you bring some warm clothing for the late evening and early morning hours!!! Bring an extra Sweater or Jacket and some warm pants or pyjamas, or a big blanket to wear around yourself, its important to be comfortable, the last thing you want is to end up being too cold to dance and enjoy yourself!!!

FIRE PIT: We are happy to announce that we will have a large designated firepit at this years event! It may get cooler at night so it will be a welcome and warm Chill-Out zone a little ways away from the stage, be sure to bring your camping chairs to pull up a spot next to the fire!
***Please note, this will be the ONLY fire we allow on the property, you will not be allowed to have individual camp fires near your tent, please respect this rule or you will be removed from the event.

If you’d like to get involved there are a few ways you can help promote!!! This event is by INVITATION ONLY, which means unless you invite your friends on facebook, they cannot see it. You can hand select friends to invite from the invite menu on the event page, or, If you send me (Sean Mayo) a PM request, I can send you directions on how to invite every friend on your facebook friends list in one click. People choosing to do this and who also change their cover photo to the Back to the Forest Poster will be entered into a draw to receive a FREE TICKET to the event, 1 free ticket being given away for every 5 people who send invites. If 50 people do this, I will give away 10 free tickets to the show, drawn at random, meaning you have 1 in 5 or 20% chance of getting in free if you invite everyone on your friends list!!! Simply message me to get involved!!! This begins right away and continues until around May 1st when the Draw will be held!!! 🙂
If you don’t want to enter the contest you can simply help out be making the Poster for this event your Cover Photo on facebook, tagging friends in said photo, and/or spreading word mouth to mouth. If you’ve been to this event in previous years then you know how incredibly awesome it is, take the time to convince others who may not have been before of the experience they’ll be missing if they opt out.


Calgary, AB

A self proclaimed space gypsy and professional button pusher, Mark Instinct is a heavy hitter in the international bass circuit. Known for his raw energy and filthy basslines, Mark has become well-established amongst the bass music elite.
Beginning to experiment with electronic music production at an early age, the Canadian native quickly fell into his niche and chiseled out a distinctively grimey style. Gaining early recognition and bookings alongside some of bass musics heavy hitters, Mark Instinct’s reputation for precision production skills and unadulterated sounds began to spread.
Releasing tracks through Excision’s Rottun Recordings, Reid Speed’s PlayMe, Datsik’s Firepower Records and Dieseboy’s SubHuman label, Mark Instinct has successfully held down spots on Beatport’s Top 10 charts. These bass-heavy chart toppers have ensured Mark’s world-wide recognition as a hard hitting bass producer.
More than a reckoning force in the studio, Mark has proven himself a powerhouse behind the decks. Destroying dance floors with his earth-shattering and explosive stage performances, Mark Instinct leaves fans craving more. Appearing internationally alongside some of dubstep’s biggest names, Mark has played at Miami’s Winter Music Conference and is a fixture at the renowned Shambhala Music Festival.
Continually innovating, Mark will not stop pushing musical boundaries or questioning genres, all whilst staying true his filthy signature sound. With shows confirmed throughout 2014, Mark Instinct will retain his top spot amongst bass music heavy hitters.


In just 7 short years, Snak The Ripper’s life has dramatically changed. Going from homeless and completely unknown, to Underground Cult Phenomenon, to Record Label Owner and Entrepreneur . The Vancouver-based Rapper has over 5,000,000 unique views on YouTube, has headlined tours across Canada and Europe. He’s toured with well-known artists like Onyx and Swollen Members, and has played multiple dates on the Vans Warped Tour and at SXSW in Austin Texas. Snak’s stunning rise to Cult Icon coincided with a life and death struggle with substance abuse. Clinging to Music as he struggled to get himself clean, he released his debut The Ripper in 2007 and went on to sell several thousand copies online and at his live shows. His second album Sex Machine more than doubled the sales of his previous album, and has been downloaded countless times from almost every torrent website you could name. In 2012 Snak released his most successful project to date, White Dynamite, which spent over three weeks at #2 on iTunes HipHop/Rap Charts, and sold nearly 10,000 Digital Albums and over 22,000 Singles. His latest full length album Just Giver is set to be released this April 2014 on his own label, Stealth Bomb Records.

Growing up in an isolated small Canadian town, Snak The Ripper became involved in Graffiti by the age of 15. Following a freak accident with homemade explosives that nearly blinded him and severed part of his index finger, he became a social outcast. Angry and determined for the world to know his name, he pursued his passion for Graffiti, vandalizing his way across Canada. At 22, he had become a homeless drug-addled vandal. His friends were criminals, fiends and drug dealers and his depression spun out of control. “I found myself back in my home town, with no real friends, and no belief in myself at all. I weighed 140 pounds. Rock bottom is an understatement. I looked like a skeleton with skin.” Realizing he had to change his life or die, he sought out Music to save himself from himself. He not only saved his life, but also skyrocketed to popularity in the Canadian Hip Hop Industry. Snak is recognized by fans nearly everywhere he goes, and is considered to be one of the hardest working Independent Artists in Western Canada.

Search for ‘Snak the Ripper’ on YouTube or Google and check out his grimy street culture videos. Using his Graffiti cred from years in the Culture, Snak became the spokesperson for SDK (www.stompdown.ca). With over 75,000 subscribers worldwide, they are the largest Independent Canadian Channel on YouTube. The first Video/Single from White Dynamite, ”Forgotten” has generated close to 2,000,000 views on YouTube. Snak’s Facebook fan page has over 50,000 fans and counting. He has made sure to connect with his rising fan base on an individual level, interacting with them in person and all over the Internet. A Cult-like following has formed around this terrifically honest everyman Performer. That fan base has grown further as a result of Snak’s latest album receiving the support of FACTOR (the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent On Recordings), as well as him sharing stages with Internationally recognized names including; Tech N9ne, Yelawolf, Swollen Members, Classified, Raekwon, and Macklemore. Snak’s latest album, ”Just Giver” spent over 2 weeks as #1 hip hop album in Canada on iTunes.

The Ripper is a master of cadence, tone and harmony, using his grimy vocals in all sorts of engaging ways. Backed by top-notch production, each song drips with venom. Snak sings like Bob Dylan, in a voice so ugly that we cannot help but feel it is our own. With cunning punch lines, a devious sense of humor, and the suffering soul of an everyman, Snak is a legitimate anti-hero in the making. Most hip hop these days glorifies materialism and fantasy. Snak the Ripper offers a refreshing dose of reality and truth through his music, something that everyone can relate to. With a clean mind and undeniable work ethic, Snak has made himself infamous in North America and Europe, and he’s only getting started.


Jakeda is a born and raised dj hailing from Kelowna B.C. Having grown up Kelowna with a strong electronic music scene gave him the opportunity to learn & be influenced from the freshest of BC local talent. As well it gave him the opportunity play at countless outdoor parties at the beginning of his music career. With early influences drawing from hip hop and DnB, Jakeda has been deeply rooted in the underground music scene for the past 12 years.

Jakeda has branched off creating a hybrid sound composing of glitch, hip hop & dubstep,

He has most recently opened up for such acts as Camo and Crooked, Wick-it the instigator, Stylust, Neon Steve & Adventure Club with exciting bookings in the near future.

After holding down multiple shows in Kelowna, Jakeda has stepped out into another realm of the music industry by organizing his own events. As the owner of lifted events an event production company in kelowna for the past 3 years, Jakeda has been bringing in up and coming underground Djs to Kelowna who share his musical taste. Expect big things from this up coming Dj/Producer.

– A familiar face in the hearts and minds of the BC bass music community. He has been heavily involved in the ever expanding local electronic music scene since 2008. With strong relations ships with BC Bass pioneers such as Datsik, Excision, and Downlink, he is well aware of what it takes to make the floor move. Whether it be heavy smashers, bouncy sexiness, or chill out deepness, his diverse library of gems are aimed to please. Opening for acts such as Truth Dubstep and Camo & Crooked through Lifted Events, he has proved to adapt to any type of atmosphere the crowd brings. To see him live is an exciting chance to experience a rhythmic ride through a mind that’s witnessed years of intense music evolution. Motivated to leave it all on the dance floor, you will not be disappointed. His multi-deck live mixing and infectious stage antics get the bodies moving and bass faces grooving.


One loud cold winter night in Kelowna BC, Brandon Bassface walked into his first bass music party and was instanly enchanted by the thundering hypnotic rhythm, that was exuding from the speakers. Having never before experienced this form of gypsy magic, Brandon quickly concluded that he too acquire the skillset to perform these dark incantations himself. It wasn’t long before two technic 1200 turntables were perched atop his sacred alter and the evil would forever grasp his essence.

Now over 10 years later he’s heading up Excision’s massive label : Rottun Recordings and absolutely destroying dancefloors everywhere. Locked and loaded with an arsenal of unheard dubplates and the kind of classics you’re still beatboxing in the shower, Brandon is guaranteed to leave you absolutely addicted to magic. Look out for this mysterious spell caster because he’s coming in hot for 2014!


Aileron is a rising hip hop group from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The group is a collaboration of Eros, Ascend, and Aesthetic Deliverance (A.D.). Aileron originally consisted of Eros & Ascend, until they acquired A.D. in 2008.

On their debut album released in 2010 “Stretch To The Sky,” Aileron collaborated with many artists such as Sunspot Jonz of The Living Legends, BOAC, Moka Only, and Jessica Leigh Allen. As well as having songs produced in San Francisco, California by Bruce Leighton @ Datastream Studios. All of the final production for Aileron’s albums is done by Aesthetic Deliverance, and released under their independent label Smash Productions/Aileron Enterprises Inc.

(Aesthetic Deliverance is a certified audio engineer). A.D. is Aileron’s production mastermind, collaborated with Eros’ heavy drums, and west coast influenced instrumentals. Ascend is more known for his in depth writing, and hard work ethic, constantly pushing the group to new limits. Together, Aileron is a rising force in the music industry. The group has captivated their fans and created a serious vibe, that cant be given a name or distinct genre. Aileron’s first international tour was “The Masters of The Ceremony Tour with Zion I, Sol & MKSMTH In winter of 2104. The group has promoted countless events and has shared the stage with many other artists from across North America including, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Big Scoob, The Living Legends, Classified, Bliss N Eso, Swollen Members, Karl Wolf & The Phonograff, just to name a few.

Aileron’s second officialalbum is in the process of creation and is progressing the group to an even more undeniable style, The new album is following Ascend’s Official Debut Album, “Uncovered Purpose” 2012. Which was released in January of 2012.

All of Aileron’s music is available for Free download! and on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, and other online stores. Aileron’s new album titled “Flight Risk” is set to be released this summer 2014!! stay tuned for the official release date.

[Smokey Crow / Arcade / REALLY GOOD]

Throughout his past MetaphOracle has been gaining momentum, developing into one of Western Canada’s most unique anomalies. His lifelong love-affair with music has developed his sound into a mosaic of slamming rhythms, lush harmonies and bold bass-lines. For close to a decade he has continued to add to his collection of originals and remixes while constantly refining his performance style into what it is known for today.

MetaphOracle has become notorious throughout Canada’s west coast, playing at numerous festivals across BC & Alberta (Bushwacked, U4EEYAH, Mad Hatter, Bass Camp…) while continually bringing his vibe to a multitude of local events. His influences are numerous and diverse, yet he finds himself sharing the stage with many of the people that helped originally spark his passion for music.. In 2013 his original ‘Bodacious Oasis’ gained attention from the Slow DJs in their monthly Slow Picks, while his remix of ‘Kona Lows’ made waves on Beatport’s Glitch Hop charts.

Meanwhile, MetaphOracle plunges into the musical unknowns, hidden behind a veil of mystery and suspense…


Kelowna, BC

DJ/Producer from the west coast of Canada
Currently pushing deep n’ dark sounds on 140.
Subclaim has been playing dubs in the forests of British Columbia since 2009. Focusing on bass weight, vibes, and dark atmospheres;
his sound is deeply rooted within low-end frequencies and relentless sub bass business. Through clean mixing, a tight tune selection including exclusives and originals, Subclaim brings forth a sound that is perpetually nostalgic, yet equally refreshing, and heavy enough to shock the toughest of sound systems .
Currently residing Kelowna, BC Canada, Subclaim has played alongside: Mat the Alien, Truth, The Librarian, Downlink, Deeps, Yan Zombie, Diesel boy, Sub Antix, Max Ulis, Moontricks, Skiitour, Bryx, Moxix, Emotionz, Woodhead, Fedski, Chaosphere, Propa Tingz, Abstrakt Sonance, and many more.
Sounds & supports artists like:
Tek-1, Thelem, Self Evident, Benton, N-type, Coki, Distance, Pinch, Hatcha, Myles Away, Truth, Kode9, 2562, Distal, Grenier, Eprom, Koan Sound, Sango, Stratus, and more.


In the Summer of 2010 he found his true passion in life and begun his journey to become the best DJ he possibly could. With passion and love he tends to bring music that spans from the 50’s all the way to 2014, you can always count of him to bring a groovy set that will leave you wanting more. Versatile and diverse with every set that he performs you never know what to expect until the beat drops, even then you don’t know what kind of adventure you are about to go on. Locked and loaded with funk, glitch-hop, drum and bass, breaks, house, be ready for a smile to grace your lips as you being you feel your hips start to sway. Armed with the ultimate and unconquerable powers of hope, passion, and love, accompanied by a zest for life that is unparalleled, Panda Inc. is truly from beyond the universe.


Kamloops, BC

Whiprek continues to show dance floors what is up. Dropping the Fattest, Freshest, Juiciest beats you can barely handle. Inspired by local Dj’s: Myshell, Spentral, and Danger Dan, the love for 4×4 beats keeps him striving for the quality mixing and solid tracks selection. On stage he pumps out tasty Electro/Fidget Bass lines, charging Progressive/Psy, and some monstrous Breaks. Some of the more memorable events Whippy has been lucky enough to perform at include : Summerbreak 8, Freak Out(Mx Missile), Boom Whomp 1+2, ULLR(Astral Mountain Productions), The Groove + Basswalker(PLUR INC.), Resolution, Jukebox, Kickin’ Up Dirt’s 1,2+3(Awsomer Productions) Labour Dayz & Back To The Forest (IUG) and so on. When Whiprek isn’t practicing on the decks he is probably exploring and expanding his limitations on Ableton. While still being a noob in the area of production he has made a couple tracks that are definitely not floor killers, but being lucky enough to be surrounded by many experienced producers the sky is the limit.


Kamloops, BC

The head of IUG and known for throwing the most legendary one-off parties in the Interior, Mayo likes to drop hiphop influenced Breaks and Big Electro with a smattering of Dubstep & Garage.


Kamloops, BC

Get Ready to Hit the Dancefloor because Bearpuncher will be coming at you with the Sweetest and Most Juiciest sounds that really pack a ✰Punch✰! Enhance your music experience with just one listen – Bearpuncher makes everyone want to move, groove, and party all night long! Spinning all the best music from a wide variety of genres: Fidget/Glitch-hop/ and Psytrance to Electro house/ Dubstep/ and Ghetto funk- Any night of the week Bearpuncher is always ready to Energize the Crowds and surprise them with his delectably fresh beats


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