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Intergalactic Fest 2016 (Honduras)

Intergalactic Fest 2016 (Honduras)

Intergalactic Fest 2016 (Honduras)

DateMay 7, 2016

Start Time4:00 pm

End Time8:00 am

VenueEn La Ciudad De Los Vientos" Santa Ana,Francisco Morazan

LocationJardin Eolico, Santa Ana, Francisco Morazan HN.

Intergalactic Fest 2016 (Honduras)

This one is for all of our followers down south!

After a year absence, we return with 4th edition of this big party! In the magical place of ever “Cruz de Chatarra”. We come back with expansive energies for a weekend charged of frequencies which will make you jump all night long. In this opportunity we have the honor to present to a great DJ from France ((AKASHA VIBES)) who has participed on bigs festivals in America and Europe like Burning Man, Tribal Gathering , Cosmic Convergence Dreamtime Calling , Modem Festival and others…


AkaSha started DJing when she was 16 years old. Back then she was part of Narkotek, an underground Hard Tekno sound system based in France. With her partners in crime, Guigoo, Seno, Weaser, Kefran and other crew members, they organized rave parties in France from 1999 to 2004. Narkotek’s reputation grew quickly to become one of the most famous Hard Tekno sound system in France. However, a Gypsy at heart, AkaSha decided to leave her MK2 and vinyls behind in 2003 to travel the world. After more than 10 years of absence, AkaSha came back behind the decks but this time blasting tunes of a totally different kind. Since her comeback, she played in many parties and festivals around the globe such as Modem in Croatia, Tribal Gathering in Panama, Cosmic Convergence in Guatemala, Organika and Dreamtime calling in costa rica, Nowhere in Spain, Warmer in Belgium … She shared the decks with prestigious DJs and composers such as Perfect Stranger, Merkaba, Emok, OTT, Hilight Tribe…. Her travels led her to discover a plethora of astonishing musical styles that she now thrives to export wherever she goes. A real digger, AkaSha’s tastes are beyond eclectic and she always knows how to surprise her audience with fresh and original tunes. Ranging from pure electronic genres such as progressive trance, psytrance, electro, house, glitch and Drum & Bass to more melodic styles like world fusion, nu-cumbia, electro-swing, temple step and gypsy beats, her sets are sure to make your ass move and your soul groove!

Line up :

Akasha Vibes ( Techsafari Records , Francia) :
Nina Garay
Xamanek ( aka Cyb3rpunk, Kiss my Bass )
Tijaax Tunes .( Kiss my Bass )
Deeoodouble ( Alemania )
Lebanji ( El Salvador )
Loht Vostok
Quantum Dynamics ,Dk 73
Vecor 13 ..

Tickets will be sold at the event gate.


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