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Dj Name
Birth Date
May 27, 1995
Home Town
Brooklyn, New York
Dubstep, Trap, Drum n Bass, Future
Years Active

Kyntaro  Biography

Daniel Rentas, also known as the producer alias Kyntaro in 2014, is an 18 year old slacker/dreamer aspiring to be a professional DJ and producer. In the past 2-3 years, formerly known as Side Effect, he was able to take a step forward and form a bit of a reputation, from his diverse sets, to his unique productions.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Daniel has always had an attachment to music and a passion to some day be able to mix just like the professionals on the radio. Later on, once he moved to Burlington, NJ, he was able to get started on such a dream through practice with popular software VirtualDJ.

Now, living in Philadelphia, PA, Daniel is looking to make a stand in 2014 as an official DJ and slowly learning how to produce music efficiently. The DAWs he has been known to use is Reason 5, Ableton Live 8, and FL Studio 10.


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